Yoni Massage

If you hope to give your woman the divine gift of experiencing more and more sexual pleasure or look forward to helping her reach higher and higher peaks of sexual ecstasy then learning this divine Yoni massage and Sacred Yoni Healing is the doorway.

This is a unique, luxurious, intimate, sensual massage that includes the Yoni (vagina) and honors a woman in her entirety, here she is seen to be who she truly is, a Tantric Goddess.

The 'Yoni' (vagina) is a Sacred Sanskrit word, translated as 'Sacred space' or 'Divine passage'. Yoni is the sanctuary of all sexual desire and pleasure. Within this female flower is a woman's sacred gate known as the G-Spot. This G-Spot is a woman’s emotional sex center, where she may also store any past trauma. The Sacred Gate contains the power to unleash hidden emotions, generate deep orgasms, and trigger ejaculation when aroused enough. Through learning the therapeutic and healing Yoni massage, trauma can be healed, opening the way back to a woman’s natural ecstatic and orgasmic nature.

The goal is not orgasm, though it can happen in a more intense, expanded and satisfying way, and can sometime lead to the release of amrita (female ejaculation).

Yoni massage is an excellent way of building trust between partners - a very vital factor in any relationship, encouraging a greater appreciation and deeper bond between you and your Beloved.