Nude Massage

Naturist Massages are much more enjoyable as it the ultimate liberation, to let all pretenses go and in a safe and comfortable environment, they allow you to be ultimately comfortable with yourself and your Massage Therapist as well as your environment.

Nude Massages in Lisbon are performed by naturist masseuses, so they are all nude sensual massages. We have created bespoke naturist sensual and erotic nude tantric massage treatments for your pleasure.

 Within these treatments your tantric massage therapist will use her whole body as a tool. Sensuality is and art form and our bodys are our biggest tools, we tap into the largest sense receptor we have to raise sensual pleasure endorphins, our skin.

 Using naturist massage it allows Skin on Skin, body to body massage, the most sensual pleasurable experience. Your naturist massage therapist will also use different breath techniques as this can change the flow of your blood, making your skin more sensitive and tingly.

Using erotic techniques such as covering the body in adoring butterfly kisses, feathers, different erotic tools, a variety of touches ; some soft and adoring , others deeper and more intense send the body into orgasmic waves of unequivocal pleasure.