What is Lingam Massage?

Something we hear people talk about in Tantra, a very controversial area, as in many religions and societies we are taught from a young age to attach shame to this area along with sex, but it is part of our body and functions the way it does because that is how nature intended, in Tantra we embrace our bodies as a whole and ignore no part or treat with shame.

Lingam Massage is usually performed in a ritual, in a very sacred and honouring way, there are many techniques and movements to stimulate all areas including inner and outer thighs. Some of the techniques include, twirls, single handed movements, double handed techniques, including the shiatsu pressure points, lighter strokes to the more intense motions. This is also combined with breath techniques, squeezes and visulizations, the lingam massage can be used as a tool of learning to improve control of sexual energy.

Many people who suffer from premature ejaculation use lingam massage to help learn the taoist technique of prolonging pleasure and heightening sensitivity.

This is NOT masturbation!